✨may physical rewards!!! ✨

✨🌷may rewards are here!!! 🌷✨

here’s a look at mays rewards! digital downloads will be available on here tomorrow ❤️

happy campers 🏕- printable notes/letter paper! plus I will be adding some phone/tablet wallpapers to say thank you for being here in april!

sticker club 🌷- duck glossy vinyl sticker + all previous benefits ofc!

post pals 💌- postcard print and mini sticker sheet (how cute!!!) plus all previous benefits 💖

original art friends 🎨- fruit themed trinket dish plus all rewards in this post!!! 🥰❤️

thank you all for being here during April, it truly means the world to me that you support my dream!! ❤️ I was so nervous to open my patreon but by you guys supporting me you have given me confidence in what I do and I cannot thank you enough for that ❤️ love you all!!!!!

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