✿ a present from me to you ✿ custom mini portraits! ✿

✿ add your reference image here – please make sure you rename the file as your name –https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18QmZmNdimuYesKWJIfYiKRWi_XZmke5M?usp=sharing

after adding your reference image to the drive, please answer these quick questions – https://forms.gle/Mrq53NX45NCC4wTcA

to celebrate on year on patreon, i am gifting all of you the option to have a custom digital portrait! all you have to do is leave your reference photo on the drive (linked) and then answer the quick questions on the form (linked again!) these illustrations are available to all patreon tiers!

  • illustration will be in the style of the example on the patreon post
  • illustration will be delivered digitally via google drive once completed
  • one illustration per patron
  • only one subject per illustration
  • all illustrations will be in the style of what i’ve shown in the photo (linework + simple shading)
  • illustrations can be used as profile pics etc
  • please let me know any extra info if needed!

tysm for all your support, i love you all so much!!

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