✿ exciting things ahead! ✿

hello friends! i hope you are doing well so far this week. today marks an exciting day in my life because I am handing my notice in at my part time job! i’m going to be a full time artist/creator/creative person/small business owner!!

last year i went through hell with my mental health, it was the worst thing i’ve ever been through. my full time job was draining me, whilst on top of that i was trying to run a small business and do freelance projects as well. safe to say i got pretty burnt out and it got to the point where i knew something needed to give.

i was so fortunate to get this part time position, where i would now only work 3 days a week. at first, i felt like i had so much time, it was almost scary going from working full time for so long, to suddenly having more time on my hands. but eventually those days felt shorter and shorter, and time felt like it was running away. i didn’t feel happy again, i was burnt out from trying to do too much, whilst still trying to maintain a healthy work/life balance (it wasn’t healthy) 

so now we forward to today, where i am now finally pulling the plug and saying “i’m going to be a full time artist/creator/creative person/small business owner” and i’m so excited about it. 

i’ve always known i want to be creative and work for myself, but i just never knew how. i feel so lucky to be at this point in my life, i feel like i’ve finally reached the top of the mountain that i’ve been trying to climb for so many years, and it feels so freeing.

i know there will be other mountains to climb in my life, but this has been the biggest and monumental one so far! 

most importantlyTHANK YOU to all of you who have supported me via Patreon because you are one of the main reasons i am able to make this decision, i’m also so excited to have more time to put into patreon, adding new benefits and monthly features. thank you so much for being here! 

thank you for reading if you’ve made it this far, i’d love to hear what you would like to see from me going forward. my ideas are-

– monthly podcasts OR monthly patreon only videos: Q&A’s, random topics, life updates, rambles, advice etc!

– a new tier: small clay tier around £25 where you will receive the postcard print, stickers, and a small clay item each month, this could be earrings, small ring holder, small trinket dish, key charms etc! 

– a lot more sketchbook previews: i will have more time to use my sketchbook, i want to share more of my ideas with you guys and my processes! 

– early access to shop drops: 24 hour early access before anyone else to my shop before shop updates!

– tier price reductions: i’m going to be changing the prices of tiers and making them cheaper, i want it to be more accessible for everyone. 

– discord group chat: such a great way to connect with new like-minded people! not just for talking about art but for chats about gaming, mental health, general life and lots of other things! 

i’m also planning on starting studio vlogs, this is something that i’ve been wanting to do for a long time but i’ve never felt like i had the time to edit them and it wasn’t a priority for me. when i get these started up i’d be uploading these to patreon first so you would have early access to them and be able to watch them before anyone else. 

but yes any ideas i’d LOVE to hear from you!!! thank you for reading <3

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