✿ fixing art block with colour ✿

i’ve been trying to put my finger on what i’ve been missing recently. so today i woke up and got my new sketchbook out, i bought it in december but hadn’t used it yet. colour has always been my driving force in art, finding new colour palettes and using certain colours brings me so much joy that i can’t explain, and it’s strange because irl i don’t actually wear a lot of bright colours because i feel insecure. so i got out my coloured pencils that i haven’t used in a long time, and started drawing and it finally came back to me, everything that i have been missing for months. it inspired me and i finally started feeling that spark again! i made a trip to hobbycraft and picked up a couple new colours as well, and i’m hoping that this is the kick that i needed to feel happy with my art again. i’m going to carry on this evening and get some ideas going for february rewards too. i hope you’ve all had a great week and start of february! ✿ 

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