✿ new product designs! stickers & washi tapes ✿

hello! so i’m planning on updating my shop at the end of the month and i’ve ordered these stickers & washi tapes!

long caterpillar sticker – holo glitter finish – the sparkles will also be holo glitter
rainbow sticker – clear sticker
bug + hill sticker – standard glossy vinyl sticker
washi tapes – both just standard finishes

i’m not sure if the washi will be ready for the update so i may have to add them after. but i’m also planning on making lots of new clay pieces and some new canvases/wooden plaques too. 

i’m super excited since i haven’t updated my shop since november and also haven’t added new stickers since last year!! i’ll be adding some new prints also 🙂 and of course you will receive a 25% off coupon to use if there’s anything you’d like to buy! 

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