january rewards ❤️ & burn out ✌️

hi guys! please forgive me for how late I am with designing january rewards, I have been feeling SO insecure and weird about my art recently. so making this was a struggle honestly.

I thought that having a break over Christmas would help me with my burn out but I’m also just so scared to start making art again and posting online. It’s something I haven’t felt in a very long time and I feel sick with anxiety even typing this now but I wanted to be honest with you all! I know burn out is unfortunately such a common thing, I’m sure some of you can relate to how I’m feeling, even if it’s not art related.

I do feel like I’m putting an immense amount of pressure on myself to make everything perfect and overthinking every little thing, and it’s going to be hard coming out of that mindset. I don’t know where it came from, I feel like I was freely making art and creating without thinking for so long and now it feels so hard. It’s upsetting because art is really one of the only things in life that I feel I’m good at and enjoy, but right now it just doesn’t feel right. I feel like the more I’m forcing myself to create and have new ideas, the less it’s happening and I don’t want anything to feel forced or fake.

The print that I did this month is to symbolise growth and being proud of how far i’ve come in 2022 and reflecting on it. So I think that is the theme of this month, growth. This year I want to hopefully continue to grow in everything aspect of my life, just like I did last time. But there is no rush or secret recipe, it will be steady and slow. There will be ups and downs. And I know that when I look back on this year, I will see it all and be happy that it all happened because I’ve grown.

Anyway I hope you’ve had a good start to your year. Also if you’re international (outside UK) there may be some delays with post since there’s still a backlog from Christmas and the Royal Mail strikes, and they’ve also restricted international post due to cyber attacks which caused even more delays, so I’m really sorry if this means your rewards are a bit late!

Emma ❤️

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