new product designs! feedback is appreciated :-)

good morning friends! 

so i’ve recently been working on lots of new products. it’s been really stressful finding manufacturers as this will be my first time making these types of products! but as you can see i’m working on making some suncatcher stickers, i’ve done a mock up (lol it’s cloudy here but you get the idea) you’ll have to use a bit of imagination to think of what the final design is but i’d love to know your thoughts on this one. i also have another design i’m working on too. i’ve added some images of what they look like if you’ve never seen one! the rainbows they make are sooo pretty and i think these will be a great product to launch in the spring/summer.

 then i have the enamel caterpillar pin that i’ve wanted to make for AGES, but after looking into making a rainbow one i realised that they’re just so expensive to make and it’s a big risk as i don’t know how many people would be interested… so i came up with this version which just has the one colour and the rest of the caterpillar would be gold (see helen butcher’s example of the bee) again, you have to use some imagination here. i’m also open to other colour options but i tried out some other colours and green seemed to fit the best. 

and then finally i’ve been working on some washi tapes and again, these are quite expensive to make so i’m quite scared about making them but also i know i need to do these things in order for my business to grow! 

i hope you’re all having a great week, i’m back to work tomorrow (i work a reception job 3 days a week) so i may be a bit quiet but i will catch up with you on the weekend where i can hopefully get some sketch booking done and try out my new paints! 

speak soon <3

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